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Teaching Kids Social Skills That

They Can Use Through Adulthood 

Who We Are

Scilla Behaviour Support Services in Fort St. John, British Columbia employs trained behaviour interventionists and a behaviour consultant who assist families in creating and implementing individualized behaviour intervention or behaviour support plans to guide children toward appropriate and desired behaviours while working on strategies to reduce problem behaviours, cope with anxiety's and overcome various obstacles. We specialize in EBI (Early Behaviour Intervention) and Dual Diagnosis!

Behaviour therapists work one-on-one or in groups with children while providing a strong emphasis on each child’s diverse and individual needs.

Our Clients

We provide services for children and families with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disorders as well as children struggling with social skills and anxieties or who are just needing a little extra support. We also work with children experiencing difficulties with behaviour, food aversions and many other things. Our programs are ideal for children of all ages, including children in junior high and high school.

Meet Our Owner

Toni Archambault is a Behaviour Consultant who has been in the industry for more than 11 years. She has received training in Occupational Therapy, Behaviour Therapy, Speech and Language Pathology and Behaviour Intervention. She has also taken the Registered Behaviour Technician (RBT) course sequence and underwent other childcare-related training. She has completed part 1 and 2 of the Pyramid PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) as well as course work in autsim and sexual health. 

Toni completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences with a Psychology Major with course interests in Child Psychology, Child Development and ABA at the University of Victoria. She has completed the 40-hour RBT training sequence online.

She recently finished her Masters degree in ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) in hopes of obtaining the BCBA credential in 2023. Toni enjoys working with children, and she is passionate about making a positive difference in their lives. She is also determined to expand the services that are currently offered in the northern communities in BC.

I am extremely passionate about helping children and families in our community.

- Toni Archambault, BA

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